3 Reasons adapted genetics are needed to increase stocking rate

adapted genetics Feb 14, 2021

1.- Conventional genetics have been selected under very high input situation where the goal is maximum production and animals are fed to potential.  This means that when in a real ranch situation at very high stocking rates they would require so much supplement to remain in good body condition that it would be uneconomical.  Besides, they would only harvest around 60% of available forage per graze cycle without losing body condition, even with protein supplement, compared to around 85% achieved with adapted animals selected correctly.  These differences can be what separates a profitable appreciating ranch from a losing money degrading ranch.

2.- At very high stocking rates individual animals cannot select the best parts and move on to a new paddock as that would become overgrazing, re grazing the same plant before it has fully recovered its energy reserves.  This means your cattle require nutritional adaptation to maintain good body condition at very high stocking rates, good body conditions, fat, is essential for pregnancy.

3.- The immune system also requires fat to function properly.  Lanky cattle with little fat tend to get sick easily while fatter animals tend to have a better immune system. 

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