Success Stories from our Alumni


Tyler Waddington

Washington State, USA

His Total Grazing concept has allowed us to increase our stocking rate per acre along with also learning the length of the recovery of the plant is what is the most important.

Jaime Elizondo has greatly enhanced our ability to achieve a higher profitability per acre.

I would greatly recommend anyone to take his classes. You will learn so much and I surely believe you'll be able to move your operation forward.

Thank you Jaime for all that you've done. All that you taught me and your willingness to learn and to continue to learn.



Matt Robbins

Arkansas, USA

"This is the second year with Total Grazing, first year using the things that we learned in your class. And we ran out of cows, we need to double, easily double our stocking rate to be able to make effective use of our forage.

We have been doing Total Grazing for 2 years now and this is the first year that we did it implementing things that we learned in Jaime's class and without those things that we learned in Jaime's class, we wouldn't be at the point we are today. 

We were missing on a few critical things that greatly improved the productivity of the land, the health of the cows and our own wellbeing as well. 



Michael Kinsey

Georgia, USA

"I took other courses in the past but this is probably the best one I’ve seen!

It’s just really condensed, it’s a lot of meat, not a lot of fluff. So if you’re interested in learning more about how to graze in tune with nature and how to run more cattle - Real Wealth Ranching." 


Ryan Herman

Iowa/Minnesota, USA

"Jim, I have to say that your course is excellent. I can tell you put a lot of thought and time into this as well as assembling a team to make all of it function electronically and flow educationally.
I really like it as I can go back and listen again, double check my notes and take a moment to digest the info.

For people who just learned this for the first time, an in-person meeting would be like trying to drink from a fire hose! This method of learning gives us time to think things through.

Awesome, awesome job!👍🏻👍🏻"



Ryan Boyd

Manitoba, Canada

"We took some great strides this past year when we started to work with Real Wealth Ranching to find a way to increase stocking rates.

I saw first hand this summer how beneficial this grazing practice is to increasing not only your stocking rates but your overall profits."


Tauna Powell

Missouri, USA

"Total grazing has made grazing management exciting once again!
The results are seen in only a week on my farm during this non growing season with excellent cow condition and more evenly distributed nutrients. Cows have learnt quickly the protocol."



Mark Hoimyr

Saskatchewan, Canada

“I really enjoyed the emphasis on observation in the Total Grazing course. I’ve learned things I should have known years ago.

The course has a unique format. With the Q&A sessions stretching out for many weeks after the material is available, there are lots of opportunities for clarifying and better understanding concepts. This means we could apply what we’ve learned and then ask questions as they come up.


Matt Harris

Texas, USA

"Your course has given us valuable knowledge required to increase stocking rate many times over, build soil and forage quality and quantity, and have the type of cows that perform well, leading to higher profitability.

I highly recommend your course to anyone wanting to learn the keys to creating true wealth on their farms."


David Briggs

Great Lakes Michigan, USA

"I just started Total Grazing this year, and while I know I don’t always have everything perfect I am so extremely satisfied with the progression made.

We have had record drought for our area, and I am certain if I hadn’t switched to total grazing I would have had to feed hay by mid July."

Lee Sexton

Saskatchewan, Canada

"The time and financial commitments really are trivial compared to what sitting back watching and falling behind will cost. Jim has the knowledge, a great support program... that provides the proper tools to implement a prosperous, successful outcome. 

If you don’t start you won’t finish."

Curtiss Ickes 

Central Washington, USA


"If you want to understand how to improve your ranch the fastest this is the course to take. 

Increasing profit, soil health cattle health all at once!"


Adam Robjohns

New South Wales, Australia

Manuel Die