5 Quick Tips on Building Fences

total grazing May 04, 2021

Last week and this week I have been building fences... in the hot sun of Florida.

But I have done this gladly because fencing is so important to achieve Total Grazing in a ranch.

Fencing allows us to have the "predator effect" which is key to improve our land the fastest.

Today I am sharing with you 5 simple but very important tips you can use when building fences:

1. Whenever you start try to first design where your roads will go, and the roads will double as water alleys to your water points.

2. Go to through highest ridges, your cows and vehicles will spend less energy travelling around the ranch on the highest ridges.

3. Try to avoid steep slopes because that will create erosion on the road or water alley

4. Build a perimeter road so that you can travel around your ranch and put out fires and to check perimeter fences, that’s very important!


5. Then you go perpendicular to your water alleys or road and build a grid of permanent one-wire fences which will be no more than 200 meters (600 ft) wide so you can subdivide them easier with polybraid. To achieve correct tension in your wires it is much better to use a gripple than one of those ratchet types. A gripple is cheaper and easier to use and can be better adjusted.


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