Are adapted genetics really so important?

adapted genetics Jan 10, 2021

There are many aspects and ways that genetics play a determinant role in our profitability and improving our land.

Some genetics, especially those that are high production/high inputs, do not help to regenerate our soils and certainly go against maximum productivity per ranch or farm.

Those high input/maintenance genetics require total parasite control, energy feeds, selective grazing, pampering, and result in high individual animal performance but low profitability per acre/hectare or whole ranch.  They also degrade the land by forcing us to do those practices to keep them productive.

When we have adapted genetics selected for maximum profitability per acre/hectare while improving our land the fastest we, and our animals, are much more comfortable and in tune with our goals, we then can bring harmony to our land and lives.

What is needed on the part of our animals?

1.- Climatic adaptation

2.- Nutritional adaptation

3.- Easy keeping/ability to fatten

4.- Docility

5.- High practical fertility

We can change our herd genetics completely in as little as 7-8 years by using better Bulls and introducing adapted genetics where needed, BUT we start to get the benefits when our first calves are born.  With correct selection they will continue to get better year after year to where our whole ranch/farm profitability improves.

Remember, having hard keeping animals on a given environment is not natural and does not bring harmony to the land and our lives.

We need to select as nature does by applying the selection criteria explained in our Adapted genetics/selection online course.  Whenever we contradict nature, we will hurt our environment and wallet.


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