How to have harmony in your ranching life!

Uncategorized Jul 20, 2021

To be happy we all need to have peace, and harmony is needed to be able to have peace.

I have visited many farms and ranches where the owner is burdened with too much work or debt. This is not fun!

On one farm, the owner was trying to raise laying hens, chickens for meat, pigs, and beef cows.

I suggested that we do a return-on-time analysis of those different enterprises and found that they spent more time on these side businesses and much less time on the beef cows that generated most of their profits as they sold their meat direct to the consumer...

When we calculated the return to their hours worked, we found that they were losing money with the laying hens and with their broilers, and earning a little with pigs, but most of their income came from the beef cows to which they allocated much less time.

We have all made this mistake, of trying to do many things without taking a break for our family or our own needs.

We must work intelligently and not make life difficult; ensuring that our cows have their calves at the optimal time helps a lot with this. Having adapted genetics with good selection guides would be the following step, and establishing Total Grazing gives one of the best returns to your time, also knowing some nutrition is necessary to obtain the best animal health and profitability.

Moving 500 cows every day is the same job as moving 100 cows once the infrastructure is in place and can be done with just one person.

It's about knowing and planning correctly.

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