What determines our stocking rate?

 We know that the main determinant of profitability for a ranch is the number of productive animals we can carry at a low cost per year.

And we know that the main constraint to a very high stocking rate is the Winter or dry season. The number of animals we can maintain in good body condition at a low cost in the Winter or dry season determines our stocking rate. Normally, in our green season we have forage excess!

By doing Total Grazing with adapted genetics, we can, and should have our cow's fat in the green season and in good condition in the Winter/dry season. The way to achieve this is to only graze the section or paddocks that our cows can keep up with in the green growing season and stockpiling the rest. Then we keep grazing the green season area until growth stops, and we finish off this area. Then we go to the stockpiled area and do Total grazing there!

By adapted genetics I mean cattle that have the resistance and adaptation to:

  • High heat index
  • Parasites and disease
  • Low quality forages

Plus, they need to be docile, early maturing and easy keepers. This type of genetics can improve the land on which they graze and make life easier for their owners.

Wouldn’t it be great to be in that situation now? Not have to worry about animals that require excessive pampering and high-cost inputs while degrading the land?

All it takes is planning and commitment, it is not rocket science and it's in fact much easier than other methods where a grazing chart is needed.

Many others and I have been practicing this with great success in maximizing profitability and improving their ranches the fastest for a long time.

This way of managing your grazing and selecting your cattle is down to earth, practical, and does not contradict nature. In fact, I say this is how nature worked to create the best soils in the world.

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