We are called to be stewards of the land

Uncategorized Dec 21, 2020

We humans have the ability, by our management and actions, to either destroy or build.  It is our responsibility to hand our assets to future generations better than we found them.  Land is no different and when we consider that a ranch or farm is a living organism intercommunicated by mycorrazhea and contains millions of microorganisms, insects, birds, mammals, reptiles, trees, forages, grasses, legumes, etc. we can easily become overwhelmed.

Understanding all the interrelationships between all these living organisms in the land is complex as in natural systems 1+1 isn’t always 2, it can be 9 or 15 due to building on each other in a symbiotic way.

We can understand how each action or decision impacts the whole ranch/farm organism and bring harmony to where the land or environment benefits and improves year on year.  To do this we need to be keen observers and know some basics.

In one ranch we have increased organic matter from 1% in 2012 to 3.18% in 2019.  This is in North Central Florida on white sand, which is very difficult, to achieve due to high temperatures and very low nutrient status as we didn’t use any chemicals to achieve it.  Only adapted cattle with correct selection criteria doing Total grazing with minimum protein supplementation in Winter, calving at the correct time in a short period.

We never, ever use chemicals of any sort.  No insecticide, no fungicide, no chemical fertilizers, no de wormers.

The soil, which was white sand, is now high in humus brown in color and with nice earthy smell when previously it had no smell.  Production has increased over 8 times and cattle are healthy and shiny.

Wildlife has increased many times both in species and in numbers, we also planted fruit and shade trees in rows to create a savanna effect for birds and insects to have a home.

This is both, rewarding, and profitable.  Do not let people tell you that we humans are the cancer of the earth and that you should feel bad from existing.  In truth we are called to be stewards of the land to bring harmony.


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