Why Real Wealth Ranching?

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2021

When I started ranching, I learned right away that following conventional advice was not profitable and degraded the land. I had to find a better way or my dream of supporting my young family with what I loved the most would not be successful. After many years of learning and trial I started to see the light and now I have a profitable ranch that is improving in its production.

I soon realized it wasn’t enough to be successful in my ranch while the world around me is being degraded. We are, after all, in our own one and only planet. This is my main motivation to share this with you.

Why Real Wealth Ranching?
Defining what real wealth is requires us to consider 3 things necessary to enjoy life:
1.- Money, to buy and pay for things we need or want to have
2.- Time, to be able to enjoy the things that money can buy
3.- Health, to enjoy life and family and the things money bought

Without any of these 3 things, life can be difficult.

In ranching/farming- we need to achieve profitability allowing for time off, to enjoy life while improving our land production and the health of our environment.

Long ago I visited a farm to consult. The owner told me that as he was spraying chemicals with his large tractor on his corn field, he came to his daughter's house where his newborn granddaughter was. He said to himself: there is no way I am going to endanger my granddaughter by spraying these toxic chemicals near her window! He proceeded to sell all his farming equipment and switched to cattle grazing.

It was right there that I recognized we need much more than only maximum profits.

As we know, the world is experiencing a warming up which makes more water vapor stay in the atmosphere which in turn changes the rainfall pattern in most environments. When I was a child rain came most every week in a steady pattern with less droughts and more reliable rainfall, later it changed to sporadic late storms with dry spells in between, and lately longer dry spells with few big rains in between but those steady regular rains are long gone.

The experts say this happened due to carbon being lost from our soils into the atmosphere, others say it is because of all the fossil fuels being burned, others say it’s a long-term normal cycle unaffected by human activity, still others say it is because of irrigation with fossil water.

It really doesn’t matter, what is important is that trillions of gallons of water that used to be held in soils along with organic matter are now in the atmosphere and in the sea where they do not belong.

Ranchers/farmers, worldwide, are being displaced of the best soils by corporate grain farming which degrades the soil. We need to be competitive with the returns that grain farming achieves, with the bonus that we can improve the soil with our grazing management.

I created Real Wealth Ranching with the vision of maximizing profitability while improving our soils the fastest for ranchers/farmers worldwide.

To that end I am writing weekly blogs and social media giving you all these free contents, to build awareness of what is possible and is being achieved by ranchers/farmers worldwide. I am offering online courses for people interested in maximizing their profitability, people that care about improving their land and future, after taking these courses you can enroll in our exclusive group called Fat Wallet Ranchers where we have community, coaching where questions are answered, masterclasses are taught, and much more so that we can all progress further to change the way the public perceives livestock and its impact in regenerating our environment. We need many more ranchers/farmers doing this worldwide!

We are called to be stewards of the land; we are caretakers of the land for our future generations.

I want all of us to build a better future for our descendants and families. This is the way, join us in this endeavor and increase your actual and future profits at the same time!


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