Terms & Conditions 

The goal of the Program is for you to understand how to double your stocking rate, increase it year on year while regenerating your land.
In the event you consider that this goal will not be met while implementing our Resource(s) to the best of your ability, email our support team at [email protected] within the 2 weeks from the start of the course access, and let us know you’d like a refund. Be prepared to forward your payment receipt and any other materials required by our support team. Please email us directly from your email account so that you can retain a record of your refund request. Refund requests must be emailed to [email protected] and not messaged via any of the Real Wealth Ranching social channels. Refund requests submitted via Instagram or any other social platform will not be processed.
We will not provide refunds more than 14 days following the access start date. After this period, all payments are non-refundable, and you are responsible for full payment of the fees for the program regardless if you complete the program.
Chargebacks. You agree to make every attempt to request a refund prior to attempting a chargeback or to dispute the charges with your financial institution. In the event of a chargeback attempt, you expressly agree to forfeit any and all of our materials afforded to you in exchange for your original purchase of our Resource(s). We reserve the right to present proof of your access and these Terms to the financial institution investigating the dispute.
Sharing Resources. Our resources are intended for individual use. Sharing Real Wealth Ranching resources by methods including but not limited to distribution of passwords and login information, distribution of course booklets and downloadable materials, and purchasing with the intention of sharing resources with friends or clients is expressly prohibited. Anyone found to be sharing Real Wealth Ranching resources will have access to all course materials immediately revoked and will forfeit the 24 hour money-back guarantee. Selling login information or downloadable materials is also prohibited.