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I am Jim.

I am a real rancher with over 30 years of experience on regenerating the land and significantly improving profits on my own ranches and with my consulting clients on MANY different environments.

My passion is to help ranchers to achieve the same.

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"Jaime's consultation has been instrumental in increasing the stocking rate and improving the profitability of my grazing farm. He has deep and practical knowledge of cattle nutrition and performance, genetics and grazing systems."

-Ryan Herman, Iowa, USA

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Introducing the Four Pillars of Real Wealth Ranching Courses


1st AND 2nd Pillar: Total Grazing + Adapted Genetics & Selection Course - Join the Waitlist!
 3rd AND 4th Pillar: Nutrition + Short & Correct Calving season - Only available after registering to the 1st and 2nd Pillar

Total Grazing Maximizer: 1st Pillar Total Grazing + 2nd Pillar Adapted Genetics & Selection NOW OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT

  • Double your stocking rate the first year, increase it year on year while regenerating your land.
  • Evaluate your own replacements that can do better on less inputs
  • Select your own bulls that give highly productive daughters that don’t require pampering
  • Select bulls and cows for high fertility as it's highly heritable
  • The importance of nutritional adaptation on profits
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3rd and 4th Pillar: Nutrition + Short & Correct Calving Season as part of Fat Wallet Ranchers Membership

Once you complete the first 2 Pillars, you are invited to continue your journey into Fat Wallet Ranchers!

Get coaching, clarity, community, strategies and all the support you need for each pillar of your real wealth ranching journey. In depth practices within the 4 Pillars and much more - Fat Wallet Ranchers has everything you need to maximize your profitability and improve your land the fastest!

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"Your course has given us valuable knowledge required to increase stocking rate many times over, build soil and forage quality and quantity, and have the type of cows that perform well, leading to higher profitability. I highly recommend your course to anyone wanting to learn the keys to creating true wealth on their farms.

- Matt Harris, Texas, USA

"Jaime’s teachings are unique in their being a combination of practical, economical and innovative. As a consultant, Jaime’s course has offered me a very pragmatic ‘true North’ that guides my propositions to the ranchers I work with."

-Gautier Gras, France

"He taught us intensive non-selective grazing with very high stocking rate and to select the correct genetics. The results have been amazing in a very short time we have doubled and tripled the stocking rate."

-Gerardo Diaz, Chihuahua, Mexico

"Jaime has helped me to banish my deepest paradigms and to overcome my mental rigidity. Beyond his experience and his abundant technical and professional contribution, I want to highlight his ability to transmit the attitude to learn, unlearn and relearn."

-Alejandro Llanos, Paraguay

"Within a year of adopting Jaime’s methods, the benefits started to emerge. Our medication use declined substantially. We noticed other farms in the area feeding their cattle hay and grazing short, dry pasture, whilst we had fields of lush green grass left to graze, despite having increased our herd size."

-Catherine and Michael Booty, UK

"Taking Jaime’s course several years ago opened my mind to new ideas on grazing and animal selection to achieve maximum sustainable profit...  ...Jaime is a wealth of knowledge regarding grazing management, animal nutrition and selecting forage efficient animals."

-Ryan Boyd, Manitoba, Canada