Why our stockpile NEEDS to be in AREA and not as leftovers

total grazing Mar 15, 2021

Please remember, I will talk about the best grass management under high to very high stocking rates, the number of productive animals carried on your ranch per year.  Everything will revolve around this.

Under selective grazing, because harvest efficiency is much lower, either a much lower stocking rate is needed, or you will need to graze the whole property and call the leftovers stockpile.  But it is NOT.

The leftovers after selective grazing are much lower in quality, as the cows select the best and leave what they do not like (much lower quality in leftovers!), especially as the Winter or dry season advances. This makes the protein supplement costs MUCH higher and your cows body condition much lower which is NOT in your best interest.

Under Total grazing, at the very high stocking rates needed for profitability and to improve your land the fastest, we leave a portion of the ranch to stockpile, in the growing season, with NO grazing there; in this area the roots grow strong and fat, the best species seedlings have time to establish, grow and reproduce contributing to the soil seedbank and the soil microorganisms have time to grow fat which is the main determinant of humus build up.

The seedlings of our best species will have ample time to germinate, establish, grow, and set seed in the area set aside for stockpile which also serves to feed your cattle at a much lower cost.  Under selective grazing this is not possible at the high to very high stocking rates required for maximum profitability while improving your soil the fastest.

I would like to invite you to the Total Grazing Course + Adapted Genetics Bundle where I teach in detail how to stockpile and when to start grazing it. To enroll, click on this link. Enrollment closes this week.


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