#1: What is Total Grazing? The How, What and Why it Works


Hello, welcome to the first episode of the Fat Cows, Fat Wallet Podcast. I’m your host, Jim Elizondo.

When I’m out in the world and I’m speaking with other ranchers or farmers and they ask me what type of grazing I do, and I explain to them, the looks I get from them are very entertaining and show a lot of confusion.

Sometimes they just change the topic or they’ll say something like, “Oh that’s cool”. But all in all, I usually have to explain what I mean. And I thought, you know, I bet others of my Total Grazing students deal with the same thing. So why not start this podcast with an episode to help all of us to better explain what we do, because it goes beyond an isolated grazing event. It’s more advanced than that, it’s more detailed than that and it’s part of a bigger picture. So in today’s episode, I talk in detail about what exactly Total Grazing is and how it works within a ranching business. And...

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5 steps to move from synthetic fertilizers to low cost biological methods

humus Jan 04, 2021

Microorganisms and cattle interact to increase humus in our soils. This is the true soil fertility which is exploited by synthetic fertilizers.


How can we wean our land from synthetic fertilizers?


In this video I show you 5 simple ways to wean your land from synthetic fertilizers.


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