Double your stocking rate the first year and increase it every year while regenerating your land the fastest

The Total Grazing Course equips you with the skills to significantly improve your stocking rate every year, that might otherwise increase slowly under other management methods, maximize your profitability and improve your land.


What You'll Learn

  • How to double your stocking rate the first year – humus increases as a result

  • How to keep increasing your stocking year on year
  • How to stockpile to minimize hay feeding in winter or dry season and how to calculate cow days per acre 

  • How to bring back the most desirable species to your land

  • How to maximize individual dry matter intake even on low quality forages

  • How to evaluate gut fill and body condition - fat cows, fat cows, fat cows

Who Will Benefit

Farmers and Ranchers

Land owners, livestock managers, farmers and ranch managers who are interested in truly regenerating their land and be as profitable as possible while achieving this

Profit-driven Individuals

Individuals who are interested in maximizing their profitability for themselves and their family while following nature's way.


Environment Caretakers

Caretakers of our environment who want to guide and be the northern light to producers and consumers into regenerative practices.

Course Structure

✔ Online self-paced course format with practical instructional videos, examples, exercises and assessments

✔ Starts Nov. 19th until Dec. 19th - do not miss it!

✔ 6 Key Lessons with Downloadable Guides (6)

✔ Estimated time for completion: 10 hours

✔ Live Q&A session

✔ Access to exclusive forum

✔ Delivered by Jim Elizondo, Rancher with over 30 years of experience on regenerating the land, Author of “Regenerative Ranching”, Total Grazing Practitioner and Global Consultant.

Proven Profit-oriented

They are proven methods with real results on many ranches across the world. Truly regenerate and maximize profits.


Not a sit-back-and-listen lecture.  Each lesson is designed to keep you interested, involved, and on your toes.

No lectures nor abstract concepts...


Lessons are brought to life through cases and practical real-life examples.

Simple straight to the point lessons which you can put in action right away.

Downloadable guides


Course Program

The Total Grazing Course by Real Wealth Ranching, applies fundamental universal principles to real-life grazing and profitability challenges. You will dive into topics like what is truly non-selective grazing, hayless winter and drought, harvest cow days efficiency, modified leader/follower system and how to maximize dry matter intake on low quality forages.

You will learn how to increase your stocking rate while having fat cows, fat roots, fat land and by consequence, fat wallet.

Matt Harris


Your course has given us valuable knowledge required to increase stocking rate many times over, build soil and forage quality and quantity, and have the type of cows that perform well, leading to higher profitability. I highly recommend your course to anyone wanting to learn the keys to creating true wealth on their farms.

Darren Doherty


I have found Jaime to have a ‘second to none’ understanding of grazing systems - understandings that can only come through being a great observer, listener, practitioner and person.


Selective Grazing is bad economics


Selective grazing, as recommended by  "holistic type grazing", "mob grazing" and "management intensive grazing", with unintended consequences... harvest a small portion of plants leaving stems and less palatable species un-grazed. This causes a shift to less desirable species, larger interplant spacing, less energy reserves in the roots, and reduces harvest efficiency.

This creates problems for next grazing and soil improvement. Additionally, it is very time consuming!

Ready to be efficient and regenerate your land with proper grazing?


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